Women of Impact

Alicia Garza photographed in Oakland, California, USA. January 11, 2019
Kristine Tompkins photographed in Pumalin Park, Chile February 7, 2019
Roxane Gay photographed in Los Angeles, USA August 21, 2018
Sylvia Earle photographed in Dunedin, Florida USA December 21, 2018
Nancy Pelosi photographed in Washington DC, USA January 31, 2019
Jennifer Doudna photographed in Berkeley, California, USA January 10, 2019
Jane Goodall Photographed in London, England. March 11, 2019
Tara Houska photographed at the Dakota Access Pipeline protest September 2016
Jacinda Ardern photographed in Auckland, New Zealand February 15, 2019
Susan Goldberg photographed in Washington DC, USA January 30, 2019
Gloria Allred photographed in New York, USA September 21, 2018
Emma González photographed in Lighthouse Point, Florida, USA December 18, 2018
Christine Lagarde photographed in Washington DC, USA January 09, 2019
Christiane Amanpour photographed in London, England November 29, 2018
Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie, photographed in Maryland USA. January 30, 2019
Tarana Burke photographed in New York City, USA November 19, 2019
Alex Morgan photographed in Hermosa Beach, California, USA. December 17, 2018
Ellen Pao photographed in San Francisco, California USA January 11, 2019
Oprah Winfrey Photographed in New York City, USA December 14, 2018