Photographic Expeditions with National Geographic/ Lindblad
Journey to Antarctica: The White Continent- January 2018


FOTOFusion 2017
I will be teaching a landscape workshop on Adams Ranch in Fort Pierce, FL as well as holding a community lecture with National Geographic Senior Science Photo Editor Kurt Mutchler.

Treasures from the Tundra
National Geographic photographer ERIKA LARSEN and archaeologist DR. RICHARD KNECHT will reveal how climate change–driven melting ice has unearthed thousands of exquisitely preserved artifacts around the world—and how corresponding rising sea levels have forced archaeologists into a race to find and protect still-hidden treasures before it’s too late. National Geographic magazine writer Ann Williams will lead a discussion. – April 18 2017

Photographic Expeditions with National Geographic/ Lindblad
Nordic Passages: Shetlands, Orkney, Faroes, and Iceland – June 2017

Scandinavia by Sea: Denmark, Sweden, and Norway- June 2017