• Emphasis, 2013 108 pp., 64 color illustrations, 11¾x11¾ This book explores the symbiotic relationship between Sámi reindeer herders and the environment, their existence in today’s world and their ancestral roots.
  • This book is a collection of photographs, poems and pictoglyphs that explores ritual, time and the process of remembering we are nature. Materia Prima is a book about remembering and attunement. This book holds my photographs and poems created over 15 years. The work focuses throughout the Americas in communities that are deeply intertwined with the natural world. The images reflect on time, language, and ritual. I collaborated with artist Frida Larios, a typo-graphic artist from El Salvador, Tsista Kennedy an Anishinaabe Onyota’aka artist from Beausoleil First Nation and Oneida Nation of the Thames, whose work combines traditionalism and commentary on colonialism. Hardbound: 156 pages, 6 Chapters Dimensions: 9’’x 6’’ Offset Printed by Schmitz First Edition, 2021 Design: Cecilia Cortes-Earle ISBN: 978-0-578-85263-8


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